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Half Year Memberships now Availible (25/10/2015)

If you have not joined yet this year, you can now fish all our venues with a half year membership. This will be valid from the 1st November until the 15th June.

Just select a half year from the drop down box on this page!

Recent Catches (24/10/2015)

Caught in the big pit at London Colney, a 24lb 6oz carp.


Caught at London Colney a 15lb 10oz Pike. Not pictured on the same day another 11lb Pike!


Another great catch of 12lbs at Lowbell Lane by our member Stuart Richardson.

Quick action saves fish at Shepherds Way (12/07/2015)

Thanks must go out to Don Crucifix and his Son after arriving early on Sunday morning to do further swim work at Shepherds Way. He saw that fish were in distress on the small lake and set the following sequences into action after contacting the Secretary.

The EA were notified at 07.30 and logged the report, Dave Porter drove down and witnessed fish in distress or dead, fry were struggling all across the lake and obviously this was a worrying sight. Further calls were made, this time to the Fire Brigade, requesting their assistance with pumps to re oxygenate the water. Unfortunately there was a large fire in Barnet, so crews were tied up.

George Horne (On Call EA Officer) arrived before 9.00 and proceeded to record oxygen levels, the readings were to say the least very worrying. Many recordings were taken around the lake with readings varying from 4% to 12% oxygen. We were informed that anything below 50% would give cause for concern and the levels we were experiencing classed this at the highest category 1 danger level.

Don brought down our own pump and that was set up, but much more was needed to avoid a major fish kill.

Shortly after this the Fire Brigade arrived from Kings Langley fire station with a most obliging crew who stayed with their pumps fully on for 4 1⁄2 hours. Further recordings were taken and levels began to rise eventually reaching the 50% plus level and a major fish loss was averted.

We have been strongly advised by the EA to keep the small lake closed for a while to take any further pressure off the fish and we will monitor this situation closely.

The Club would like to pass on special thanks to Don and his Son, George Horne EA, who stayed much longer than he should have done and of course the crew from Kings Langley, all were rewarded with tea, sandwiches and biscuits.

The Club is also to send the Fire station two complimentary tickets for this season, with our sincere thanks.

We would also ask members visiting Shepherds Way to keep a close eye on the lakes and report any further instances as soon as possible to the EA emergency number. 0800 80 70 60

Sonning (01/05/2015)

Sonning ChubThis Chub weighing 7lb 10oz was caught at Sonning last Month




New Bailiff at Shepherds Way (18/03/2015)

Trevor Williams is the new bailiff for Shepherds Way, he has been a member for the past two years and is very keen to do the job, he will be taking over from Mac who can no longer fulfil the job as he would like.

Trevor will also be helping to run the Wednesday matches with Ray Mouratsing on the small Lake.

Trevor Williams

Working Parties 2015 (18/03/2015)

London Colney, 19th April, 17th May, 24th May, 7th June.

Blunham, 17th May, 24th May, 14th June.

Sonning. 19th April, 17th May, 14th June.

Blunham (15/03/15)

What a bag of bream from Blunham on the last week of the season, 46 bream many between 5lb to 6lb. Mick Giasullo estimated the bag to be around 200lb +


River Thames (16/02/15)

A great report for our members currently fishing the River Thames. The Chub below weighed in at 7lb 14oz and was caught by Dave Ruddle.



New Season approaching 01/02/15

Join now for continuous fishing until June 15th 2016

Fishing during the closed season at Shepherds Way and the small lake at London Colney.

Shepherds Way Charity fishing match (4/11/14)

Hosted again at Shepherds Way was the annual PDC Charity match this year.

Haven House Hospice was the beneficiary of the match. Celebrities from the Darts and Boxing world took part and among them was Adrian Lewis, Phil Taylor, Rod Harrington to name a but a few.

It was a great day with plenty of fish caught. If you are not a member why not join now for our half year discounted rates?

Spencer Oliver

Spencer Oliver - Winner of the PDC Match.

Glenn McCrory

Glen Mc Crore came in at second place.

Barry Hearn

Barry Hearn, Chairman of the PDC presented the trophy to the winners.