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Summer Sweepstake (14/09/2014

The Summer Sweepstake was drawn at the E.G.M. on September 3rd. The Lucky Winners are:

Summer Sweep

The Sweep raised £450 for Club Funds. This money helped pay for the Aerator in Shepherds Way small lake.

Charity Match 12/09/14

Following the successful chairty match last year, Sky Sports comes back to Shepherds Way with the darts champions on the 12th September 2014.

Both lakes will be closed on this day for any fishing but spectators are allowed at a reasonable £6 donation to the chairty.

The match last year was featured on the Sky Sports program 'Tight Lines'.

Pealane Sunday 10/08/14

The match on Sunday 10/08/14 at Pealane has been switched to the Canal Lake at Manor Farm Biggleswade due to Pealane being closed.

To book please contact Denis Revell on 07534 120415.

London Colney Parking (31/07/2014)

When fishing at London Colney for either peasure or match reasons please refrain from parking in Reed Close parking bays. Please only park on the road.

Thank you.

Open Day May 2014

We started our journey to the Open Day in despair, it was dull and overcast but worst of all we had been told that the A1000 was closed and that there was no access to Shepherds Way. We thought that all the efforts in organizing the day had been in vain. We arrived at Potters Bar in good sunshine to find that A1000 had not been closed. We drove through the gates to Shepherds Way to find that the early volunteers had everything set up and ready to go. The smile of relieve on Dave Ruddle our chairman’s face set the tone of the day.

Our volunteers held their own briefing and allocated the various tasks. Kevin Marslin gave expert advice on how to fish the lake and he never stopped talking!. Ray Mouratsing looked after the youngsters and made sure that they caught a roach on a Whip. Dave Porter and Dennis Revell took visitors around the lake; they must have walked several miles! Don Crucifix and John Crookes and others were always on hand to offer words of wisdom. And then there was the BBQ run by that little treasure Karen Guest. No burnt sausages this year and her burgers were really juicy; bit of a queue sometimes but the wait was worthwhile. I told Karen she should cook the ducks swimming on the lake but my suggestion was not well received.

The object of the day was of course to attract new members and to allow members pay their renewal subscriptions. Although due to open at 10.00am we had our first arrivals twenty minutes early. Dave spoke to every guest and spoke not only about Shepherds Way but on all our excellent waters. Christine Ruddle, your treasurer in waiting, was close to getting writer’s cramp after issuing so many tickets. Her wrists must of ached as she did not count the takings till Sunday morning (Christine is normally on the way to the bank before the ink on a cheque is dry)

It was a great day

And guess what


Online Renewals (27/04/2014)

Dear Members,

You are now able to renew your memberships online! Please head to the fees page.

When renewing online we require you to either upload or send a photo or send a passport photo as usual.

River Seven September 2014 (27/01/2014)

Dear Member

The club has booked a weekend trip to the River Severn at Bridgnorth on Friday 5th to Sunday 7th of September 2014. If you would like to book a place, or require more information please contact Dave Ruddle at, places are limited.

We have fished this venue for the last 3 years, and members have caught good bags of Barbell. We do book two stretches for the Saturday and Sunday, at this venue for our sole use.

Regards Dave Ruddle


Peter Jones (20/01/2014)

It is with great personal sorrow that I tell you that our long time member Peter Jones passed away on Monday. January 20th.

Peter was my mate and my fishing companion. He will be greatly missed.

The provisional arrangements of Peter’s funeral are Monday, February 3rd at Reading Crematorium.

Jack Neate


Shepherds Way Desilt (14/01/2014)

Several months have passed, in fact it was last July since I last wrote about the Club’s intentions to desilt the large lake at Shepherds Way.

A considerable amount of work has been undertaken by Jack Neate, Dave Ruddle and I along with assistance from Rob Pearson from the EA, to formulate an application to the Lottery, under the Inspired Facilities Grant, which allows Sports Clubs to submit an application to a maximum of £50,000.

We have had to cost our project allowing for many variables, some of which will remain unseen and unknown until water levels are dropped, i.e. bank side and Island repairs, so this had added to the difficulty in making the presentation.

The full project cost comes to a not insignificant £76,000 consequently we have made our bid at the full £50,000.

We have identified our preferred contractor and the method of desilting, which will be by breaking down and pumping the waste material onto designated land to the North of the lake. By choosing this method we hope to minimize the negative impact on the lake and hope that we should be able to return to normal much sooner than if we were to completely drained the lake

Again the land owners and the Farmer have kindly agreed to work closely with us and although there will be a cost for this, it will be considerably less than having to remove the waste by road for dispersal.

The application was submitted on the 6th of December and the Lottery sets aside a twelve week consultation period before informing applicants if they have been successful.

Obviously we are up against many other sports Club’s and organisations but we believe our application is a strong one and keep our fingers crossed for a positive reply by early March.

Dave Porter


Blunham - Twin Bridges (15/12/2013)

Blunham, the road at Twin Bridges has now been re-opened, this was closed earlier this year due to road works.

Blunham Catch (10/11/2013)

This tench weighing 6lb 8oz was caught on our Blunham stretch during a match on the 10th November by John Adams.


Blunham - Twin Bridges (05/11/2013)

I have had lots of reports about the fishing with good bags of Roach, Dace and Bream showing.

Regards, Dave Ruddle

London Colney (05/11/2013)

The main carpark at london colney now requires a key for high sided vehcles - the key is obtainable through the London Colney Tackle shop through Stuart Butterfield

For further information contact London Colney tackle here.

Charity Match on Sky Sports (04/10/2013)

The charity match held dubbed the annual 'PDC Invitational Fishing Championship' is being shown on Sky Sports 'Tight Lines' Friday 6pm.

If you miss the show you can also read about the match in the Anglers Mail in the next issue.

Some names you can expect to see fishing are Ronnie Baxter, Adrian Lewis, Rod Harrington, Mark Walsh and more.

Shepherds Way (01/10/2013)

The Club would like to thank the members for their support in staying away from Shepherds Way on the 26th Sept, whilst their was a charity match taking place. We are aware that this fishery is very popular and the club always takes this popularity into consideration before closing the water. We do not at present have a figure for how much was raised for the Haven House Children's Charity, but will attempt to let you know in due course.

The match was won with two Carp weighing 19lb 8oz and several others had smaller Carp and as usual, several Carp were hooked and lost, one breaking a 4th section and escaping with the top two!!

The Club would like to thank you for your support

A BRIDGE TOO FAR? (15/09/2013)

Our annual trip to Bridgnorth in beautiful Shropshire didn't bode well. For a start, the fine summer we have had meant that water levels would be low and the weather forecast for our three day visit promised rain, showers and more showers. Good for water levels later on but not now and it also meant carrying an umbrella amongst what with practice had become a reasonably 'compact' amount of tackle and bait. The first day lived up to the forecasts, heavy rain on our trip across country which continued on and off throughout the day.

We, the Club Secretary Dave Porter and Newsletter editor and scribe David King aka The Hoarse and Fart, headed for the Eardington section of the River Severn as we both knew the stretch from a number of previous visits. There we met up with the Club chairman Dave Ruddle and later Ray Mouratsing. Having been lucky to find our swims in relatively dry conditions i.e. the rain had taken a short breather, we all tackled up and caste out to do battle with our chosen quarry – the River Severn barbel. (read more).